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Happy summer – hurricane and all!

Stuck in the house, so I decided to do a little catching up. And I mean a very little catching up. It’s the 4th, it’s raining, and, on top of it all, I don’t feel well. Had hoped to swim in the pool (okay, it’s a 10-foot, blue, blow-up pool, but it’s the best my yard can handle), suck up some sun, and grill. Instead, I’ve napped, showered, and have now embarked on Episodes 4-6 of Star Wars. Excellent summer fare. Just like Jaws the other evening.¬†Unfortunately, exhaustion overcame me just after Quint was swallowed whole by the shark. (That could never happen in my pool.)

May the Force of summer be with you. (From the

Hope all are well and writing out there. But don’t forget to enjoy the summer too. It’s much too fleeting in New England, at least where we are. I’m hooking up a storm in preparation for next month’s art show along with gardening, working at the food pantry, and drinking Pinot grigio on the back deck. Meanwhile, I’m writing in my journal and storing up tidbits there and in my brain for some short stories later. (Had to have 4 stitches in my finger the other day – bad knife incident; but hospitals are great places to find ideas!)

What are you up to? The beach? Camping? Travel to new lands? By all means, share your summer stories here. They can be real or not; your choice. Just make them juicy fun. Happy summer adventuring!

(PS – Gotta go. We’ve just arrived in Mos Eisley. These are not the droids you’re looking for. Perhaps they serve Pinot grigio in the cantina.)


Author: Laura S

Laura Salamy is a published author. Her essays and short stories have appeared in print and online. As the owner of The Polished Paragraph, she edits and proofreads other writers of all kinds. She is currently an assistant editor for the lit journal Fifth Wednesday, and she blogs on the fourth of every month for get born magazine. In her past life, Laura spent many years in the environmental, health and safety industry. She also worked for a non-profit completing grant applications and doing other "stuff." In her spare time, Laura creates colorful and less-than-traditional hooked rugs and mats. Many are "up-cycled" from old clothes, funky fabrics, and notions. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, a teenager (oh no!), and a very silly dogs.


  1. A juicy fun summer story? Let’s see. Back in 1981, a bunch of friends and myself went camping for the weekend somewhere in New Hampshire (I forget where). There were about six or seven of us, and between Friday night and Sunday morning we polished off ten cases of beer and two bottles each of whiskey, Southern Comfort, and rum. I played softball drunk. I actually did some square dancing drunk! And instead of a tent, I slept in a panel truck. And no, my kids do not know this story. ;)

    I hope your finger feels better! Pinot grigio is good for that, I hear.

  2. Pinot grigio is an exceptional pain killer, Paul. :)

    Yeah, NEVER tell your kids that story until they have kids of their own. At least you remember the weekend. Square dancing- yeah!

  3. Ouch! Stitches in a finger from a knife cut…not my idea of fun either! Combine that with the hurricane, which wasn’t so bad…just lots of rain! I worked through the fourth of July. I played a bit on the fifth when the sun came out!

  4. You know, if I hadn’t felt under the weather, I would’ve gotten some work done that day too, Connie. But the next day was GREAT; Tom and I headed to the New bedford Folk Festival. Lots of sun, good weather. Pleasant day. (And no kid with us to complain!)

    • Ahhh, yes! A music festival would have been good. The fourth of July celebration was happening here in Franklin on the common. We went to that for awhile and had fried dough! The music was okay, but not my favorite. My wife, Joyce, worked at the Democratic booth and I ended up running errands and picked her up after her shift, but it was a lovely day to be out and about.