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I went through a period once when I felt like I was dying. I wasn’t writing any poetry, and I felt that if I couldn’t write I would split. I was recording in my journal, but no poems came. I know now that this period was a transition in my life. The next year, I went back to my journal, and here were these incredible poems I could almost lift out of it. …These poems came right out of the journal. But I didn’t see them as poems then.
-Audre Lorde

I’m still here. Still writing…at least in my journal and in my work. Trusting that one day this seemingly fallow period for fiction will show itself to be more like fertilizer for some future endeavor.

Spring came late to New England this year, but, still, it came.



Author: Laura S

Laura Salamy is a published author. Her essays and short stories have appeared in print and online. As the owner of The Polished Paragraph, she edits and proofreads other writers of all kinds. She is currently an assistant editor for the lit journal Fifth Wednesday, and she blogs on the fourth of every month for get born magazine. In her past life, Laura spent many years in the environmental, health and safety industry. She also worked for a non-profit completing grant applications and doing other "stuff." In her spare time, Laura creates colorful and less-than-traditional hooked rugs and mats. Many are "up-cycled" from old clothes, funky fabrics, and notions. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, a teenager (oh no!), and a very silly dogs.


  1. Spring came late, but it came. So will your muse. :)

    I’ve had several fallow periods in my writing. I’ve always come back. You will, as well.

  2. Oh, I know, Paul, but I have a group of people that I must answer to. In a timely fashion. :) Thanks for the encouragement!